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Managing Adjudication

Assigning Forms for Adjudication and Moderation

Table of Contents:

Assigning Adjudicators

As events occur in the study and need to be adjudicated, a Study Manager or someone with permission to configure the adjudication must assign users to the events. 

This is done from the Study menu, via the Configure Adjudication option, currently only available via the mobile app.

Mobile App:

Be sure there are users who have been assigned the adjudication role within the study. If no users are assigned to that role, this screen will produce an error.

Once open, users can be individually assigned to events simply by tapping and dragging them over to a record in the list on the right.

This is also where a manager can view who has been assigned to which events and who has completed review. This is done by tapping an existing record to see the assigned users in the list at the bottom.

The list of users are all users assigned to the role that is serving as the Adjudicator for the current selected form.

The list of records for the current form are all forms which have met the status defined by the form Builder.


Moderate (Resolve) Adjudicated Events

Once all assigned Adjudicators have performed their adjudication, the event can be finalized, or Moderated. This is like a final vote performed by a CEC committee.

This can be found under the Reports menu, currently only on the mobile app.

Mobile App:


1. Select a form to view results. 

2. Records in the process of adjudication will be displayed in the top table. Tapping one will display which adjudicators have completed the process in the second table. Tapping those options then opens the record to view results directly.

3. Results on the primary adjudicated variable (choice field defined in the form builder), will display the votes made by each adjudicator. This prevents needing to open each record and view it manually.