Participant Reimbursements

How to access and manage your study reimbursement payments

TrialKit has partnered with Nmible for streamlining your study reimbursements. This feature is only available in supported studies. Some studies may be using alternative/external method of reimbursement, which this feature does not apply to. 

Note about data and privacy: TrialKit and Nmible are independent of one another and do not share any data with one another, or with any 3rd parties. 

If your study is using this function, it will be available in the toolbar on your home screen.

The button securely redirects you to the Nmible platform in a separate browser window to input your payment information, and to view your reimbursement statuses throughout your time in the study. 

Each time you access your payment statuses within TrialKit, the system generates a secure one-time link. For this reason, Do not bookmark your reimbursements web page.