Participant/Patient Sign In

How to Sign In to TrialKit as a Study Participant

If you are participating in a study, you should have received an email link or directions to access your forms.

If you did not receive this information, please contact your Study Coordinator. You can also use the "Forgot Pin" link and enter the email address that would have been used during registration.

Table of Contents

Signing In

User Preferences

I Forgot My PIN

Signing In

Head to the URL

On the following screen, type the Pin code you received by email or from your Coordinator.


We recommend downloading the Mobile App for easier access in the future and to receive push notifications as activities become due.

Mobile app users should enable push notifications to stay updated on study activities. These can be disabled at anytime later on.


User Preferences

Once signed in for the first time, you will be prompted to confirm the timezone and preferred date format. This prompt will continue until it is set.

This is also where notifications can be disabled for forms that come due for completion. Disabling notifications is not recommended to avoid missing any expected data entry for the study. 

User preferences can be updated at any time from the home screen as shown below.

Web Browser:




The user preferences allows you to verify timezone and preferred time format.

It also allows for optionally adding a phone number to receive notifications via SMS text.

Lastly if you prefer not to receive notifications about forms that are due for completion, those can be disabled entirely.


I Forgot My PIN

Follow the steps below if you forgot your PIN. 

To share this guide with a participant, send them this link: What to do if you forgot your PIN