Registering New Subjects

Accessing the Subject Manager and registering/adding new Subjects/Participants within a study site

Subjects are initially registered from the Subject Manager screen, accessible from the main navigation menu. 

Depending on how the study has been configured, subject IDs are either automatically generated when a new registration form is saved, or manually entered prior to filling out the registration form.

In this example, the system displays an option to generate a new Subject ID, but some studies may do that automatically when a subject is added.

Web Browser:

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 11.08.15 AM

Mobile App:


When adding a new subject, a form will open that needs to be completed out. This form varies from study to study. Here we generically refer to it as the “Registration” form.

After completing the registration form (actual name of form may vary), you can choose to return to the previous page where the list of subjects is displayed for the current site. Tapping on any of the subject IDs will open the casebook for that subject.

Opening up a subject's casebook after the registration form has been saved is dependent on first completing the subject registration form WITHOUT any errors on the form.

Only then can a subject be opened up for further access.

Accessing an existing registration form

To get back to the registration form for an existing subject, tap on the registration form icon on either the web or the mobile app, see below.

Web Browser:


Mobile App:



ePRO Studies - Registering Participants to access their forms

If the study is registering participant users for accessing their own forms for data entry (ePRO), the registration form will contain a field collecting the Participant’s email address.

The email address must belong to the Participant. The system will run checks to verify the email address entered is not:

  • Already another subject in the same study
  • A non-participant/Clinician user in the TrialKit system

The email address entered may be blinded to other users in the study based on the study configuration.

Please only enter email addresses that have provided permission for correspondence from the TrialKit platform.  Email addresses that bounce impact a study’s ability to deliver email notifications effectively.