Setting Your User Preferences

Preferences and personal profile settings that can be set by each user

The system will need you to set or verify specific information as a new user when you sign in the very first time. This includes

  • Policy agreements
  • Timezone
  • Preferred time format

A prompt will display until those are set. To later change preferences, access them as shown shown below for both the web and the app.

Date and time format is set by each user individually. It cannot be forced as a single format for all users on a study.

As an option, a phone number can be saved for the purpose of receiving 2-factor authentication codes if the study is configured for the added security.


Web browser:



iOS App:

Some devices, including Android may display the user profile icon on the upper left corner.

Default Settings

By default, if preferences are not updated, users will see date fields in DD-MON-YY format and time fields in 24-hour format. Time zones are required to be set by each user when signing in for the first time. If a timezone is not set, the system will default to GMT.