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Sign In Audit Report

The Sign In Audit Report is a host-level report displaying sign-in activity for all users across all studies within the host account.

Host-level Access to Host Administration Tools

The Sign In Audit Report can be found under the Host level settings on both the web and app.

Web Browser: Open the User Manager to find it linked on the right side of the screen:


Mobile App:


The Sign In Audit tracks when users sign into a study, along with the approximate location via IP address. The following can be seen in a table:

  • Date+time of sign in

  • User

  • Email address - Blinded for participant users if at least one study in the host is configured to keep these blinded via the study functionality

  • Host account

  • Study name

  • Platform (mobile or web)

  • Latitude/Longitude of IP

  • IP Address

  • Type (Device or API)

Use the email and study filters at the top of the table (mobile app only) to limit the table listing to a single user or study.

Location information of users

By default, TrialKit uses web services to get users' IP addresses. This is done for security purposes. The mobile app translates that IP address to a longitude and latitude location. Because IP addresses only track to the Internet Provider location, the translated geo-coordinate is not usually an exact user location.

At this time the longitude/latitude will not display on the web report due to how it is translated from the IP address. Use the mobile app for longitude/latitude information.

If a user on the mobile app has allowed the app to get geo-location in the device settings, it will be indicated in the sign-in Type as “Device”. In these cases, the device itself is able to provide a more precise location. This capability depends on the device and operating system privacy controls. Not all devices and OS versions are compatible.