Study Progress Report

A Summary Report of all Subject Records

The study progress report provides a color-coded summary of all subject records across the visit schedule and the status of the records. This report can be filtered also by date, so users can easily see all subject records that have been added and/or changed in the specified time window (e.g. show all records updated in the last 24 hours).

Prerequisite: User has access to Study Progress Reports

This report is only accessible on the web.

Web Browser:

  1. Study Progress Report is found under the Reports menu.

  2. Select the desired sites.

  3. Select the time frame of records desired. Leave empty to get all records.

  4. Run the report.


The report will output as follows:

  1. Name of the report which includes the name of the study with date/time stamp.

  2. A color-coded key of record status.

  3. Patient Listing with column headers for each record.  

    1. Each row is a patient.  

    2. Each cell is a record/form within a specific visit.

    3. The form has two dates if the form has been completed.  The top date is the visit date indicated on the record. The bottom date is the date the last transaction occurred (i.e. record last saved, record reviewed, etc).

    4. If only one date exists it means it is not yet filled out and the date expected is listed.

The color key is based on the specific workflow design of each study, but the following statuses will be consistent on all records:

Red - Record has been saved but has errors on the form (Red X)

Green - Record has been saved with NO errors on the form (Green Check )

Yellow - Record has an open manual query (Red Icon)