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TrialKit's Add-On Modules

TrialKit AI

First-of-its-kind technology using our proprietary machine-learning API to transform unstructured EHR or other data into usable data, connecting it to a structured database for your clinical trial data or other validated data

TrialKit ePRO/eCOA

Leverage mobile ePRO/eCOA for direct electronic patient-reported outcomes through a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) methodology

TrialKit Coder

Automated medical coding functionality (for WHODrug and/or MedDRA dictionaries)

TrialKit Drive

Automated routine exports of all study data and performance-related metrics

TrialKit eConsent

Use powerful automation to electronically consent and re-consent participants, if required, via the web and/or mobile app

TrialKit Engage

  • An integrated video conferencing and scheduling solution accessible to study teams, site personnel, and study participants
  • Unlimited flexibility to host both scheduled and on-demand, unscheduled video visits and consultations with built-in calendaring to minimize scheduling challenges

TrialKit eTMF

Online folders for creation of storing, accessing, and tracking essential documents for the submission of study documentation

TrialKit PACS

A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) solution integrated directly with TrialKit EDC to allow for the retrieval, access, and management of DICOM images

TrialKit RTSM

  • Inventory/Trial Supply Management module for web and mobile can be configured to randomize and track subjects, drug supply, devices and inventory throughout the course of a study
  • Product tracking functionality with product assignment and site inventory management