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Configuring/Using Interval Date Entry (IDE)

Setting up IDE to Enable Site Personnel to Enter Visit Dates at the Visit Interval

Study Designers can enable the use of Interval Data Entry during study build.  The Visit Interval is the visit window found at the top of the subject's Scheduled Visits / Events form.
  1. Configuring Interval Date Entry

  2. Using Interval Data Entry

Configuring Interval Date Entry

IDE is designated under Study Configuration Settings / Functionality as shown below.

  1. Study Configuration application 

  2. Click on the Functionality tab

  3. Check the Use Interval Date Entry CheckBox

  4. Save Study Configuration


Which forms use IDE depends on the designer of the study. Using the Form/Page Properties, the Study Designer can determine if a given form is to use IDE by clicking the Interval Date Entry checkbox in the Data Section. 

The figure below illustrates how to include a given form in IDE.

  1. Go to study form builder.
  2. Select Form Properties/Data Section.
  3. Set Interval Date Entry check box on form properties.

Using Interval Data Entry

Interval Date Entry, or IDE, allows Site Personnel to enter a visit date for all forms in that visit, hence the term Visit Interval. 

Web Browser:

  1. Go to the scheduled visit and events manager page for the selected subject.
  2. Enter the date for the interval. This will be the date used in the form set for IDE in the interval.

  3. Click the Save Dates button to save dates for all forms in the interval.

Selecting this option will fill in the date in read-only mode on top of your form.  If you forgot to enter your date in the interval the date field will be collapsed and you will not be able to see a date in the field. If this occurs, you can just enter a date in the interval to resolve.