Viewing Historical Data or Missed Forms

How Study Participants can Access past Data Entered for a Study, or see what has been missed.

The options covered here are dependent on the study Manager having made the functions available for the study you are Participating in.

View Past Completed Forms

 To reference or download PDFs of individual forms that you have completed in the past, tap the "Completed Forms" option. Note, this is only available if an Administrator has enabled it.

Web Browser: On the web browser this is found along the left side of the screen.


Mobile App: On the mobile app, it can also be found on the home screen.

Past Data Listings

If the study is configured to support it, an option might be available - Only via the web browser - to Run Reports. Tapping this button will open a list of reports that have been made available by the Study Manager. 


Tap any available report in the resulting list. The options listed here are dictated by the Study Administrator. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your study Contact person.


Access Missed Forms

Missed (or "Expired") forms are those that are collected based on a pre-determined date window, but were never entered in time, so are no longer available in your main list of due forms. The way to access them is through the Expired Forms list. The availability of this option is dependent on the study, so may not be available for all users.