Conditional Actions - Email Notifications

Sending an Email Notification Based on a Condition Being Met With Data When the Form is Saved

This is a useful tool for notifying necessary users about data or events as they are entered into the study. Additionally, the message/notification can be customized with dynamically populated content from the form where the email gets triggered from.

Before setting up an email notification CA, be sure to define the Message and Distribution list. These will be needed when configuring the CA within the form designer as shown below in items 2 and 3. 

The following example shows how an email will be sent to the study's Data Manager when a new subject's informed consent is indicated as completed on the registration form.


The email will only be sent to user's with the role(s) defined in the distribution list. If the role is a site type role, only users at the current site (where the form is saved) will receive the email.