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Customized Landing Pages

Setting up a Customized Home Screen for Users

TrialKit allows a study Builder to create custom HTML-based content for displaying on a home/landing page for all users to see when they sign into a study. This is helpful to convey important information or quick links for study users. Here's an example:


To customize a page (applicable on the Web Browser only) select the web page builder at either the host or study level. 

Creating a page it at the host level will apply to all studies on that host unless a custom page exists at the study level. In other words, Custom pages at the study level take priority over custom pages at the host level.


Creating Web Pages

First Identify the type of landing page to create (Home, Contact Us, Sign Out) by selecting a Page Type (#2) and giving it a name (#1). The corresponding theme must also be selected (#3).

Add Content in the editor window (#5) via rich text or HTML (see #4 below to toggle between views).

After adding content, save the Web Page by clicking the Save Page button  (#6). It will get added to the table.


Page Type Definitions:

  • Home – This is the home page that users see every time they sign in, or when the Home button is clicked in the Page Header area.

  • Sign Out – When a user clicks the Sign Out link in the Page Header area, they land on the sign out page. 

  • Contact Us – When a user clicks the Contact Us link in the Account Menu, they will be brought to this page. This page should supply all necessary study-specific support or contact information for the user in case they need to contact someone regarding study design questions. Read more here about the Contact Us page.