Image Library

Storing Images to Display in Forms

The image library allows users to upload and store images for the purpose of utilizing them with the following form objects:

The image library supports both png and jpg formatted image files.

Images stored here serve as a library across all studies within the host account. Deleting an image from the image library that is currently being used on forms within two different studies will remove that image from the forms in both studies.

Access to manage the image library is based on host level access to the form library.

It can be accessed under the Host settings on both the web and the mobile app.

Web Browser:


A table will display existing image files and a form to upload new images as shown below.


Mobile App:


The iOS mobile app only allows access to the iCloud files that reside in the iCloud account which is tied to the device (as found in the device settings).

To Load images into iCloud, open the iCloud app on the device (iOS only) or via the web. Then open the TrialKit folder. Lastly, open the FB_Image folder to upload a new image file or GIF.

The folder named “FB_Image” within the TrialKit folder is where files must be saved so the File list in the image above can access them for uploading into the TrialKit Library.

After uploading an image into iCloud and selecting it to load into the image library, if the file name has a .icloud text at the end of the file name, it needs to be downloaded locally on the device before it can be loaded into the image library. This can be done from the iCloud Viewer directly in TrialKit.

Using Images on Forms

With images in the library, they can then be selected within the field properties for the field types mentioned at the top of this article. Here's an example:

GIF images are also supported on both the web and mobile app to add animations to the forms