Form Libraries

Forms can be Imported From Central Form Libraries or Stored in Private Containers to Copy From one Study to Another Over Time

Importing Forms

Forms are imported into the Website Host and Study Level form builder application by clicking the Import Form link in the Links table as shown in the figure below.


When importing forms, Users should only import Forms that are Form Types created or used at that Level.  Form types that are not part of a Form Builder Level are not related to the level and therefore do not display in the related applications.  For example, if a User wants to Import a Subject Form and import it into the Website Host Level Form Builder, the Form will not display in the Website Host Level applications or Study Level applications. Below are the Form Types created and used at each level of the system.

Website Host Level – Form Types (Profile Forms only):

User, Site, and Study

Study Level – Form Types

Site (Site Documents), Subject (Most Common), and Study

To Import a Form, click the Import Form link in the links table as noted above.

This will open the Import Form pop-up window. 


The Import Forms Existing Forms Data Table contains the following information:

Form Name* – Name of the Saved Form.

Form Type* – Type of Form created in the Form Builder application.

Source* – The related Sponsor/Study to which the form is related.

Owner* – The Name of the User who created the Form.

Validated – Gives the Status of a Form.  Forms that are created in the Website Host Form Builder (User, Site, Study forms) are not validated forms and show a validated status of Not Applicable.  However, Subject Forms show a status of either not validated or validated.  When a Subject Form is displayed in the Import Form Library, the validated column shows the Status of the Form, the Date of Validation, and who validated the form.

Select – Clicking the Select control allows a user to select a single form to import.

Select Many – Clicking the checkboxes in the appropriate form row allows the user to select as many forms as desired. After clicking the checkboxes the User simply clicks the Import Checked Forms button at the bottom of the window and the selected forms will display in the Existing Forms Data Table of the Form Builder.

Exporting Forms

Forms are exported to Form Libraries from the Form Builder application by clicking the Export control in the forms row of the Existing Forms Data Table, as shown in the figure below.


Clicking the Export control opens a pop-up window that allows the user to export the form to a Private Form Library so it can be reused by users in that host in the future.

2022-09-23_22-38-50When a Form is exported to a Form Library, all the form's properties, field properties, conditional actions, and the forms status are exported to the library.