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Web Forms 7.0 - Next Generation Forms

Improved User Experience on Form Display and Behavior

TrialKit's next-generation form view is an upgraded iteration of form rendering and behaviors that bring speed and an improved experience to users who are performing data entry and review at the form level. It was released as a stable version with Clinician Web v7.0 in 4th quarter 2023.

Crucial Data Solutions recommends enabling this feature on all new studies that will start in November 2023 or later, as it will eventually replace the legacy form view that was previously used. Forced migration to the next generation forms will occur by early 2025.

Studies that have already undergone validation in web v6 should continue with the existing forms for now, but are encouraged to validate on the newer forms and enable it on live studies by end of September 2024.

To enable the new forms, use the study configuration screen:

This only applies to subject type forms on the web. Site and study forms will follow in mid 2024.

With this feature enabled, subject forms will appear different and form logic will be much more responsive. For studies that are already live, you can try out the new forms by creating a copy and trying it out there.

Obvious differences include larger field sizes and faster response on dynamic logic. Here's an example of the legacy form versus a new one. As you can tell, the layout is largely the same, but the biggest improvement will be seen by users who perform data entry.

Along with improved forms display, users will also see updated icons that follow the same general theme as the previous version.


Study Administrators: Please reach out to support to request your study get copied if you would like to try it with the new form experience and see how it could improve the data entry.