Site Management

Managing sites used across the studies within a Host

Sites are how data within a given study is split up for user access. This is commonly for physical sites where users at that site should only be able to access the data at their own site. 

Each site must first be added to the host account before it will be globally available to all studies within that host.  Sites can then be assigned to studies within the study configuration. This is done indirectly by adding at least one user to the site.

Prerequisite: User has Host level access to the Site Manager

Adding New Sites

To add a new site to the host, open the Site Manager within either the web or mobile app.

On the Web:


On the Mobile Application


A list of existing sites will be displayed, including a link to add new sites. To add a new site, complete the form provided.



  1. Site Name - What you refer to the site as

  2. Site ID Number - This is an identifier of your choosing that might be used in the subject profile IDs (if the study is set up to use it) and the data extracts.

  3. Site Type - There are two types of sites in TrialKit.  Provider and Administrative.

    Most sites in a study are "Provider" sites (Real live sites that enroll subjects in the study). Provider sites are forced by the system to follow the rules of enrollment. For instance, a study must be published and live before provider sites can enroll.

    The other option, "Administrative" sites, can be used for testing purposes, where a study in development might need to enter some test records at an Administrative or testing site. Normally, only one Administrative site is needed per study.

  4. Dynamic CA's - In most cases this will be "Yes." Selecting "No" prevents all dynamic form logic from occurring for sites that have very little bandwidth (Very rarely used). If No is selected, the study builder needs to keep this in mind when creating the study forms.

Suspending/Deactivating Sites

There may be a need to deactivate a site without removing all the users. This could be due to a safety hold or data review, for example.

When this is done, the site is still accessible in the subject manager, but data can still be accessed for reference, but the data cannot be updated.

Deactivating a site can be done from the table of sites within the Site Manager. 

Adding A Site to a Study

Prerequisite: User has access to Study Configuration - Configure Sites and Users

Once the site is available to use, it can be assigned to any study within that host account. This is done by adding at least one user to the study within the study configuration settings, and making sure the site is included in the applicable study version.

For more information on adding users to sites, read about User Management.

Web browser:


Mobile app:

The last step for new sites is ensuring the site is part of the applicable study version. This is done via the Version Manager.

All changes made on sites and users will be traceable in the Site/User Audit Report.
For a comprehensive report displaying all users, which sites they belong to, and which roles they have in the study, see the Site by User Report