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TrialKit Administrator Certification

Become A Certified TrialKit Administrator

Why get certified?

Becoming a Certified TrialKit Administrator not only gives you credibility in the industry and another Certification to add to your LinkedIn page, but it also gets you some perks with Crucial Data Solutions. With a Certification, you can confidently run studies without the added cost of a service provider, eliminate the problem of having "too many cooks in the kitchen," offer your services to others, and get preference in support and product development. You'll also become a part of our Certified Admins Group, where you can provide feedback to us, collaborate with other Certified Admins, and even ask for advanced support.

How to Get Certified

Becoming a Certified TrialKit Administrator can be done on your own (self-certification) or with guidance and training from our Director of Training & Support (guided certification). 

  1. Contact us and let us know if you want to enroll in the TrialKit Admin Certification Course
    1. For self-certification, study all links in the self-training plan wizard

    2. For guided certification, schedule training sessions with our Director of Training & Support
  2. Take the written Certification Exam
  1. Pass the exam with at least an 85 out of 100

  2. Receive Certification and post new certification to your LinkedIn profile.

  3. Design and develop studies!



Access Trialkit Academy from the Account menu in TrialKit on the web.

This will open a new tab where sign in will be necessary. For security purposes, this is a separate login from your TrialKit login.