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TrialKit Training and Certification

Become A Certified TrialKit Administrator

TrialKit Academy is a self-paced learning environment where Administrators, Study Managers, and Builders can learn to utilize the TrialKit platform across its incredibly wide range of capabilities. Various courses offered are aimed at enabling Admins with the tools they need to fulfill a successful experience with TrialKit.

TrialKit Academy does not support training for end users such as site Clinicians or Participants. To provide and/or track training for those users, we recommend leveraging the applicable help articles such as this one, and having those users log their training in the study Site Documents.

Steps To Getting Certified

  1. Submit a TrialKit Academy Registration request, or let us know by emailing training@crucialdatasolutions.com
  2. Go through the course in the TrialKit Academy self-paced learning portal
  3. Complete the Certified TrialKit Basic Administrator exam with a passing score
  4. Receive Certification for your own training records, and to post on LinkedIn

  5. Leverage a successful experience with TrialKit for your business objectives!

Courses and Content

Download PDF courses summary

Go to the courses outline

How To Access TrialKit Academy

After being registered in a course by the form linked above, the site can be accessed by signing into TrialKit and expanding the Account menu shown here:

A new browser tab will open and log you in automatically based on matching email address. Note, TrialKit academy login is separate from your TrialKit login. Keep this in mind if ever changing credentials. 

If the page does not open, this is because you are not registered for any courses, or the login could not authenticate. Use this link to go directly to TrialKit Academy and attempt a password reset with the same email address you use to access TrialKit.