Moving Subject(s) To A Different Cohort or Site

Instructions for moving subject(s) from one cohort or site to another

Visit cohorts are used when there are varying visit schedules on which subjects can exist. For example, some subjects may need a 6-month follow-up visit, but another cohort of subjects does not and only has 1-year, 2-year, etc.

Manually Move an Individual Subject's Cohort

Prerequisite: User has access to subject record management > Switch Cohorts

Web Browser: 

  1. From the Subject Manager, tap Edit
  2. Change cohorts for any subject in the list

Mobile App:

  1. Tapping on the calendar icon opens up the cohort manager for the subject
 2.  Tap on the cohort to move the subject to (noted in the top left corner of the window)

Moving Subjects Between Cohorts In Batches

To move batches of subjects within a single site, users must have access to the visit schedule design page.

Web Browser: 

  1. On the right side of the menu Study>Create or Edit Subject(Participant) Visits
  2. Select Subjects Link


Once Selected Subjects are picked, users can choose

  1. Cohort to copy
  2. Site
  3. Target cohort
  4. Which subjects need to be moved
  5. Don't forget to select Update to run the batch move


Move Subject's Between Sites

Prerequisite: User has access to Study Configuration > Configure Sites and Users

To move a subject or group of subjects from one site to another, use the button found in the Subject Manager:

From the popup window, select a source and destination site, followed by the subject(s) that need to be moved. 

Once the move is complete, the registration form on those subjects will be flagged for change reason. That flag will need to be addressed by the user who performed the action.