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Process To Move A Study Live

Steps to follow for Study Administrators to go live with a new study

Pre-go-live checklist

Reference the study building guide to be sure you have addressed all parts of the study setup

Export the user roles and permissions for documentation purposes. This can serve as a helpful snapshot in the distant future.

Export the form data dictionaries as a blueprint of how the forms are built when moving the study live.

Steps to move the study live

1. Verify the necessary sites exist and at least one user has been added to each one

If new sites are added after go-live, that is okay - just be sure to perform step 3 below after adding the sites later on.

2. Publish the first version of the study 

3. Use the Version manager to enable applicable sites for the published version

4. Change the study status to 'Live'

5. Send users' sign in notifications from the User Manager screen

If Site document controls are in place, individual sites will only be able to enroll subjects once those conditions have been met.


A study agreement document ("SLA") with Crucial Data Solutions is normally required for each study separately to move it to a live status. If the testing/training watermark is visible in the background when you are signed into the study on the web, there is likely something still pending and the study is not yet provisioned by CDS to be moved to live status.

Proper planning should be considered to allow execution of any licensing requirements by the appropriate personnel. If you have any questions related to licensing, please reach out to your Project Manager or submit a request to sales@crucialdatasolutions.com